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The problem of this research is ho proficiency through reading picture books to students in group B in TK Dharmawanita 2 Parakan District of Trenggalek Year 2010/2011. Opposite of the problem in this study, the purpose of this research is to improve language skills through reading picture books to students in the group B in TK Dharma Wanita 2 Parakan Trenggalek years 2010/2011. Activity types used above researchers using action research. This activity is done by following the following principal grooves action planning, implementation measures, observations, reflections. Having regard to the research data and study results the first cycle and the second cycle then the results of research study before reaching the average value of 25.00, 58.33 cycle 1 cycle 2 reached an average of 61.00 then there is an increase compared to before the study amounted to 2.77 is significant. It is recommended that the guidance and motivation to learn both to be applied to learning reading story books on display students in grade B TK Dharmawanita 2 Parakan Trenggalek Year 2010/2011. Based on the results of research and learning result it can be concluded that through reading picture books can enhance the ability of the student in group B TK Dharmawanita 2 Parakan Trenggalek Years 2010/2011.

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