Tantiana Isnaningsih


SMA/SMK Muhammadiyah in Yogyakarta already have computer
laboratorium, but it is not used well. Language Arabic learning with computer aided does
not replace the role of teachers of Arabic, but the program is to clarify the understanding
students' of the reading, Arabic vocabulary, meaning readings as well as the use grammar
of Arabic in sentences. This research and development aims to identify: (1) stages in
developing computer multimedia for Arabic learning in SMA/SMK Muhammadiyah class
X , (2) attractiveness of the developed computer multimedia for Arabic learning, and (3)
effectiveness of the software by analyzing the studentsâ?? achievement before and after
using the program in their learning.The try-out subjects in this study included 98 students,
consisting of 1 subject matter expert, 1 multimedia expert, 30 students in the research
instrument try-out, 6 students in the small-group try-out, and 60 students in the field tryout. The data were collected by using a questionnaire and Arabic tests (the pretest and
posttest). The data on the media quality and the subject matter quality were analyzed by
using the descriptive statistics and percentage. The t-test was employed to investigate the
difference in the improvement from the pretest scores to the posttest scores.The research
results showed that the steps in developing computer multimedia included six stages,
namely information collection, learning development planning, product development,
initial product, evaluation, and final product.

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