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This research was designed to improve studentsâ?? speaking skill. There are many
problems that faced by students in their speaking skill, example students not confidence or
lack of vocabulary faced by them. Therefore, the teacher should find or create new
techniques which can give a great deal of chance to students to practice their speaking skill
or ability. With this mind, the researcher proposes The Australasian Debate to be used as
an alternative technique for teaching speaking to Students of English Department IKIP
Budi Utomo Malang. Therefore, this research is conducted in order to find out whether the
Australasian Debate enables the students to participate actively in speaking class and
finally can improve the speaking skill of the students. And also by using Australasian
debate, the researcher wants to find out what will appear when this system of a debate is
used to teach speaking in the class. He also wants to find out the studentsâ?? response to the
use of Australasian debate system in teaching speaking. The subject of the research was
one class that consists of 38 students of English department and divided into 4 groups.
After all of the data have been collected, the researcher analyzed them. The data from the
daily assessment shows that Australasian debate can give positive effect on the studentsâ??
speaking or ability. The studentsâ?? speaking proficiency is experiencing some progress. At
the first meeting their FSI (Foreign Service Institute) level is between 2 and 2+. After that
at the fourth the seventh meeting the studentsâ?? FSI the level is between 2+ and 3+. Thus it
can be concluded that Australasian debate is effective to be used as alternative in teaching
speaking for the students of English Department IKIP Budi Utomo Malang.

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