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In the classroom, teacherâ??s reinforcement speech is very various. Teacherâ??s
reinforcement speech can be seen from the form, function, and strategy. This research
aims to describe the teacherâ??s reinforcement utterances include (a) the form of teachersâ??s
reinforcement utterances in the classroom discourse, (b) the function of teacherâ??s in the
classroom, and (c) the strategy of teacherâ??s reinforcement utterances in the classroom
discourse. The procedure of data analysis is interactively done by (1) data collection, (2)
data reduction, (3) data presentation, and (4) conclusion of the research findings.
According to those exposure, it can be concluded that (a) the diversity form of teacherâ??s
reinforcement utterances in the classroom discourse reflect that the class interactive
discourse that requires participants to choose a utterances form thatâ??s suitable according
to the speakersâ?? context and purpose, (b) teacherâ??s reinforcement utterances function
indicates that classroom discourse is an event that is pragmatic utterances expressing the
utterance function according to the content that is expected, and (c) diversity strategies in
the classroom discourse illustrates that the teacherâ??s interaction in the classroom is
affected by the situation that requires speakers capable of choosing the right strategy to
achieve their purpose.

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