Sri Utami Dewi


Listening is one of four language skills should be mastered to communicate
orally. The objective of this study is to know the application of questioning technique on
second semester Indonesian department students of STKIP PGRI Trenggalek in the
2014/2015 academic year. Essay question was choosen since it suits with the level of
college students in teaching listening comprehension. The type of research is descriptive
qualitative. Observation checklist, field note and questionnaires were used as an
instruments to collect the data. Based on the findings, showed that the application of essay
question technique was very usefull. There are many advantages both students and lecturer
can get for the implementation of essay question technique espescially in teaching
listening. Further, the results of questionnaires of 28 students proved that there were
92.86% of the students who were strongly interested in this technique application and the
rest 25% students were enough interested in this technique application. No one of the
students had less interesting in this technique application. They agree that the choice of the
learning material and every procedure in an essay question technique was interesting and
motivated them well to follow the teaching learning process.

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