Bayu Nugraha Murdiansyah


Personality is very important to be known and learnt as a personality because it is
very closely related to the pattern of acceptance of the social environment of the individual.
Sports activities also form a personality. The sport can be as an instrument or agency the
creation of value and personality that eventually led to the behavior. The sports activities
with its values can affect the value of the individual systems. The general objective of this
research is to know the description of personality differences between individual athlete and
group athletes. This research is quantitative descriptive. The method used ex post facto that
researcher did not control independent variable free directly because variables happened, or
because the variable basically cannot be manipulated. The instrument of this research is
questionnaire personality (IPIP SCALE). In this research, the population is Indonesian
National Physical Comittee athletes district Ponorogo with good achievement in by the
number is 60 athletes. Based on the calculations of the independent t test conducted in two
difference groups, male and female in terms of coefficient t physical appearance on both the
coefficient of t on both is 0,716 at the p value 0,852. Thus there is no significant difference
between the personality of the individual athlete and the group athletes.

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