Yulia Nugrahini


Competencies must be developed in the 21st century, in a more comprehensive manner, are emphasized on competence, thinking and communicating. According to Trilling and Fadel (2009: 21) there are several important characteristics in the 21st century, namely knowledge work, thinking tools, learning research, digital lifestyle. In addition to the characteristics based on Binkley, et al. (2012; 18-19) state and organize ten skills that must be possessed in the 21st century that are divided into four groups, namely thinking skills, working skills, tools for working, life skills. The big container that can cover all of the above skills is 3 basic literacy namely reading literacy, writing literacy, and arithmetic literacy. Based on Trilling and Fadel (2009: 177) make the learning formula "3Rs x 7Cs = 21st Century Learning". Added with the statement Binkley, et al. (2012: 18-19) and multi-literacy skills in the view of Marocco et al. (2008) the multi-literacy learning model formula can be written as follows "4 Kt x 10 Ks = Multi-literacy learning model" The syntax of multi-literacy learning model will basically refer to the syntax of literacy learning models both reading literacy, literacy and oral language literacy. Therefore, the basic syntax of the multi-literacy learning model consists of three major phases namely the pre-activity phase, the activity phase, and the post-activity phase. In this article there are several models and syntax of multi-literacy learning and several media examples that can be used for the Multi-literacy learning model. The learning model can be used by turning it into a method in its application in class learning

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