Ilham Wahyu Ambara


This research was conducted to determine the effect of using Duolingo in teaching English to improve students 'ability to master vocabulary and to determine students' perceptions of the application of Duolingo in teaching English subjects at SMAN 2 Karangan. This study is conducted by using experimental research. This research was using two types of variables. First variable was application of Duolingo as independent variable which was going to give effect to dependent variable. Second variable was studentsâ?? vocabulary skill as dependent variable which was going to get the effect from independent variable. The subject of the research are students of XI IPA 1 and XI IPA 2 at SMAN 2 Karangan. The results of the study indicate that the use of Duolingo in teaching English has many positive effects for students. It makes the students understand the material and students are more motivated in learning. Students get the opportunity to get the same turn in practicing material, reduce boredom in learning, facilitated in remembering and practicing material in everyday life. They also learn enthusiastically in teaching and learning activities. The students showed a positive attitude towards the application of Duolingo at school

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